PoPs and BaNgS

A "Pop and Bang" remap is a software modification to the engine control unit (ECU) aimed at enhancing the auditory excitement of a vehicle. This tuning option is ideal for car enthusiasts seeking a more thrilling sound from their engine, marked by distinct pops, crackles, and bangs during gear changes and deceleration.

Here are some key points about this service:

  • Engine Sound Enhancement: Tailors the exhaust note to produce a sportier, more aggressive sound during specific driving conditions such as gear shifting and deceleration.
  • Application Variability: Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. Petrol engines may use a lift-off/overrun approach, whereas diesel engines might use a "popcorn limiter" to achieve similar effects.
  • Engine Compatibility: Not all engines are suitable for Pop and Bang remaps. The feasibility depends on factors like engine design, management system, and exhaust configuration. However, advancements in tuning technology have broadened the applicability to various engine types, including turbocharged and naturally aspirated ones.
  • Creation of Sound Effects: The "pops and bangs" are achieved by modifying the ECU to intermittently misfire in a controlled manner when the throttle is lifted.Ignition Timing: Retarded to reduce torque, allowing normal deceleration.
  • Combustion in the Exhaust: The delayed ignition causes combustion in the exhaust system, creating the characteristic sound. 

£90 with main map, £150 if purchased separately

Blue car with dual exhaust pipe and tail spikes