What is Bench Tuning?

Bench Tuning, also known in the remapping community as Chip Tuning, is a traditional method of enhancing a vehicle’s performance. This technique predates the use of the OBD port for vehicle remapping. It is particularly useful when OBD remapping isn't possible due to manufacturer restrictions or hardware limitations.

Why Choose Bench Tuning?

Bench Tuning is an excellent option for vehicles that cannot be mapped via OBD, offering enhanced customisation of parameters for optimal performance. We collaborate with our partner, Viezu, who are experts in Bench Mapping.

Here’s how it works:

  • ECU Extraction: We carefully remove the ECU from your vehicle with our profesional tools and technicians.
  • Expert Handling: The ECU is sent to Viezu, where experienced technicians perform the bench mapping.
  • Direct Access: The ECU casing is opened to expose the circuit board, facilitating a direct connection.
  • Customisation: This method allows for more precise adjustments and customisation than standard OBD mapping.
  • Reinstallation: After remapping, the ECU is reassembled and reinstalled in the vehicle by us.
  • Security: While the service may take a few days, rest assured that your vehicle is securely housed in our facility, which is protected by 24-hour security.

Choosing Bench Tuning through us guarantees a specialised service tailored to enhance your vehicle's performance safely and effectively.

Starting at £350